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I recently bought an ASUS RT-AC66U Dual-Band Wireless-AC1750 Gigabit Router. It is working great. Now I would like to replace the wireless card in my Asus N61J laptop. I was thinking about the Intel 6230 wireless card by I decided to check here to see if anyone can recommend a better choice.
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  1. But why would you want to replace the existing wireless adapter?
    The Laptop already has wireless N class adapter installed. The intel 6230 adapter is N class (300Mbps max) itself so you wouldn't actually be upgrading and probably rendering your warranty void while doing so.

    I understand that you are trying to take full advantage of your new router but keep in mind that the speeds it offers will only be available to you within the home network. Your internet speed will not get any better than it already is now!
  2. Most likely going to be quite a while before you can get a actual "upgrade". Not even sure their are 802.11ac mini pci express card on the market yet. Then you have to get one that will work with the bios in your laptop. I bet it will be next year this time before these start to become common.

    Pretty much AC routers are a waste of money the standard is year away so everything on the market is the best "guess" the vendors have. You run the risk of incompatible devices just like the "pre-n" stuff was.
  3. Hi and thanks to you both for your information.

    I did a little investigation on the network adapter that I have now. It is an Atheros AR9285. Here are the supported data rates.

    Supported Data Rates
    IEEE 802.11b - 1 to 11 Mbps
    IEEE 802.11g - 6 to 54 Mbps
    IEEE 1-stream 802.11n - 6.5 to 150 Mbps

    The Intel 6230 not only goes to 300 Mbps, it is also dual band.

    As for the AC routers being a waste of money, this one sure seems to be doing a good job right now.
  4. I wouldn't say a waste of money under any circumstanses. But it will probably be a while before you can get yourself a wireless adapter to utilize it's full speed.
    You will need a simultaneous dual band wireless adapter to get any better than 300Mbps. Maybe you should think about finding an external adapter (usb) possibly an ASUS model, it would be a waste to void warranty for that reason..
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