ScvHost.exe Virus Removal

Does anybody know how to remove the Scvzhost.exe virus. ive tried AVG, Malewarebytes, Norton, Pctools and non of them seem to work.
I dont know how to manually remove it.
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  1. You are sure you have an actual virus right? The anti virus programs are telling you that you are infected?

    If you can't get any of the methods in these links to work you may need to reinstall Windows.
  2. If you have a virus, then nowadays they have become very difficult to remove and you don't know what settings in the registry they may have altered which may leave you wide open to future attacks and snoopers. It is often far better just to simply back up your data and reinstall the operating system. As a computer repair engineer it is more time effective to do this although trying to remove the virus yourself can be educational.
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