Geforce4 MX440 or Radeon8500

Hi i am stuck and cannot figure out which one to buy out of these two. all the information i have read seems the same (nearly)... im basicly looking for some opinions,


p/s my email address is if anyone would want to contact me. :)
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  1. um ok so i take it no one knows about these cards?
  2. 8500
  3. 8500 is a much faster card. It's also a DX 8.1 card, while the MX440 is only a DX7 card.

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  4. thanks evo
  5. Yo M,

    You do understand that you are just listing GPU's & not real cards? Can you list a brand, full model name, memory config & speed in "ns" or mhz, & price. Do you understand that a GF4 "MX" card is really a GF2 & really should not even be called GF4(in fact all GF3 cards will smoke all GF4 MX cards). Also there are many versions of the Ati Radeon 8500, one of which is the "LE" version, which will not perform as well as the the Ati Radeon 8500.

    Having said that, all versions of the Radeon 8500 are better than all versions of the GeForce4 MX video cards. You should check out the THG VGA charts for the latest benchmarks of the current Video Cards.

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  6. Powercolor ATI Radeon 8500 RV2LE
    64MB AGP Video Card TV-Out (Low Profile)


    Gainward GeForce4-MX440-SE MX/600
    128MB AGP Video Card TV-Out (Low Profile)

    these are all the info i have about the cards (and yes i need a low profile one)
  7. Any 8500 over any MX!

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