WinFast TV 2000XP

have you ever tried this tv tuner? did it work? mine's not. I dont know what's the problem and i have already asked to leadtek support center and they always said "please download the new driver". I tried but it still didnt work. Does anyone can tell me what could be the problem? It's running on Win98SE and all driver are on devices list but when i ran the program the driver wont appear. Help me pls
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  1. Chronicle,
    I just ordered one and it should be here at the end of the week. Maybe I can help then...I hope you get it fixed before, but if not I'll help in any way I can. BTW check out, they have a knowledge base and reviews for your card.

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  2. I got my card and hooked it up last night. I loaded up the drivers included with it and it ran fien on Windows XP. What problems are you having specifically, and what is your system setup?

    Let's all settle our political differences with a LAN.
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