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I built a new computer last month with a new sound card SBLive5.1. I have Soundforge6 which I use to record some guitar riffs and drum beats. On my old computer which had a SBLive Value I was able to record any sound that was playing at the time. So, I could have a drum beat running and then play some guitar riffs on the top of that and Soundforge would record both. With my new setup it will only record one thing at a time. I was looking on SF's forums and someone was saying that my card needed to be full duplex. I'm assuming that if my value card could do it then the 5.1 can as well. I looked in the sound properties and selected the recording options. I can select what input I want to record with but I can only choose one at a time. Anyone have any ideas?

Old System:
Win98 SE
1ghz AMD TBird
512 PC133
SBLive Value
28gig HD

New System:
WinXP Home
AMD XP 2100+
256 PC2700
SBLive 5.1
120gb HD
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  1. What mobo are you using? I haven't experienced it yet, but alot of people have problems with SBLive and VIA chipsets. I agree there's no reason the card should not be in full-duplex mode unless XP drivers default differently (don't use XP, don't intend to).


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