A Nightmare reinstalling Windows 7

To start off here are my specs:
3570k default clock
Gigabyte z77x ud5h
Corsair vengeance 1600 ram
Crucial m4 256gb
Gigabyte gtx 670 default clock
Corsair 1000 watt power supply
Corsair h70 heat sink.

Sorry in advance for long the long story. So when I order my parts I was so excited to put my new rig together and everything installed flawlessly I was amazed of the speed and power coming from a regular hdd and a q6600 with gtx 260 in sli. This was two weeks ago, but a few days ago I wanted to see how much I could over clock the CPU and gpu I never really push it hard always making sure my temps never came close to overheating I did get a couple of freezes when running benchmarks on my Gpu but never on my CPu a restart always fixed it and I would take it down a notch till it was stable and had all my windows 7 up to date aswell.

Yesterday my computer had a blue screen crashed and rebooted showing a physical dump but to fast for me to see the code. I had power down my computer and went into bios and reset my settings to default and boot up, no luck just blue window crash again by then I chose to leave it off for a while and see if it would fix itself after cooling down. I manage to boot up but my ssd had been corrupted so I proceeded to do a clean install and this is where the headache started a few times my windows "completing installation" would hang at the last part for hours till it froze and sometimes it would say "windows setup could not configure windows to run on this hardware. Finally after trying many time it finally installed but when I went to windows update after activating it, it told me that it could not communicate with the server and to try again later so I decided to wait in the meantime I chose to download microsoft security which I did but could not get it to install saying the app had crashed :/

I have journeyed the Internet looking for a answer to my dilemma here. There is another symptom aswell If I install chrome or Firefox after loading it will look pixilated and then crash aswell :( I've been searching the last two days installing and formatting my ssd, taking my rig apart removing my video card, leaving only 1 stick of ram getting my cpu in place again with new compund and have gotten nowhere if anyone could help me I would appreciate it so much...

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  1. Suspect SSD? Try a basic install on your ordinary HDD and if that works ok...
  2. It's possible your BIOS settings have changed inadvertently. See if it's set to AHCI or ATA for the drive, and try switching the mode. Additionally, make sure the drive is not configured as part of an array in the BIOS.
    Please advise of your results.
  3. Thank you for your reply's. I did switch from achi to ata and even IDE no change after that I also tried to install on my 750 gb hdd same results :/ I even did an update bios flash wich no error was given when installed and still no luck. I don't really feel like making a drive all the way to microcenter to swp out my parts it's and hour an a half away. Any more suggestions?
  4. CPU/mobo? Perhaps posting a screenpic of your event log for the analysts to mull over...
  5. ty everyone for your help, looks like my mobo just turn out bad i ended up going back to microcenter and swapping it and just install everything and is running great. :) so happy.
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