How do i get full access of my win7 system files / folders

not sure this should be the right category or not. but i need full access to my OEM win7 pro. all system files. just moved from XP. never got a problem as admin in XP. but cant get any in win7 even as admin.

system folder examples:

1. c:\documents and settings
2. c:\users\xxxAdmin@AllUserProfile\application data

access is denied
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  1. Are you connected on a domain? If so are you just a domain admin? Add your self as a local admin. This should resolve your issues.
  2. Boot in Safe Mode for more access. If you want total access to write/delete system files etc., Boot with a different boot disk i.e. diskimage or some sort of boot disk that has file explorer utils. That's how I installed my modified imageres.dll in system32!
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