How many switches do i need to connect 50 computers with 8 ports on each switch

I have a total of 82 networking devices, there are two areas where clusters of computers will outnumber the wall jacks in close physical proximity, I need to use economical, desktop switches, I need to know how many, what kind, and at what price, thank you so much
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  1. You lose one port on each for its network connection, so if you use 8 port you have 7 available -- to connect 50 devices you would need 8.

    Look at bigger switches, the 16 or 24 port are pretty reasonable. You could get by with 2 24 port and an 8 port.

    If you want consumer grade unmanaged switches look at TPLINK and Trendnet, they work as well as other inexpensive brands.

    Do you need gigabit or just Fast Ethernet (100Mpbs)? Personally, I would lean toward spending the extra and getting gigabit -- the inexpensive 24 port Fast Ethernet are around $50-60, while the gigabit are around $120 each.
  2. how many wall jacks and devices in each of the two areas?

    what is the main use of the devices? office, surveillance, gaming, streaming?

    why 8 port switches?
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