Cant connect to internet after format.

I have done a format and replaced psu,gpu and added ssd. I installed windows 7 ultimate 64bit. All good. But i could connect to internet. In my connections there are 2 networks. One is mine and 2nd is neighbours but protected with password. When i connect to my network and type in security key it says it cant connect to it. I typed in both capitals and normal. Since i formated it i restarted it around 10 times and about the second time i got connected, but there was a red cross on my network. I could go online and download programs but when i restarted it i cant connect to it any more. I updated the drivers. Tried many ways ans none worked. My laptop, phone, tablet are all conected to it but not my pc anymore.
I have dsl-2780 broadband wireless n adsl2+ router
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  1. When you formatted the hard drive did you keep it as a back up and made the SSD the primary OS drive ? When you did this was your wireless network still kept the same or did you delete it and stasrt over ? You may want to do that and start fresh just like with the computer. Just do your network over with a new password and you will have to enter the new password into all of the other devices.
  2. I only had 2 sata cables. I unplugged the hdd and connected ssd and dvd. installed the os on ssd and then unplugged the dvd and pluged hdd and formatted. Couldn't connect to internet because the drivers were missing but i had i program installed on pendrive with the backuped drivers. When i backed them up, on the right bottom there was a message about networks being found. I clicked on my network and i kept getting the msg unable to connect to TALKTALK. I removed the network restarted, and changed the security setting to everything but nothing.

    How do i change the password and the network options?
  3. I went to my WIRELESS CONFIGURATION and it says
    Multiple SSID: TALKTALK****
    Enable Access Point: yes
    Hide SSID: disable
    Cipher Type:Both
    Group Key Interval:3600sec

    WPA type
    PSK string

    string: <password>

    Wi-FI protected setup
    enable: yes
    curennt pin: ****
    wi-fi protected status: enabled/configured
  4. I also changed the router to my older one from BT and i can connect to it wireless no problem, but the connection is weak. I still would like to fix the problem with the talktalk router.
  5. I've fixed it! I downloaded a software 'Driver Genius 12' and updated my LAN drivers. with the update i got a programme called RALINK. added my broadband details and selected the security to WEP2. connected and its working now.
  6. Good to hear that your now connected .
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