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I live in China and have China Unicom as my IP. When I first got my plan with them, I had unlimited data ADSL per month at 512k per second. I'm sure you are laughing inside at the 512K, but that's considered super high-speed for home users here. To make a long story short, my IP bandwidth limited me to 100k/sec after 2 months. Upon asking why, they said it was because I was using a router and I could only have the unlimited data for a single PC. So, I want to see if it's possible to have a work around to fool them into thinking I have a single connecting device. Here's what I was wondering: Could I put in a second network card on my PC and have one network card connected to the ADSL modem, and the other network card have a static IP and have the router connected to that? It would look something like this:

ADSL Modem - Desktop PC (motherboard integrated network adapter) - PCI(e) Network card - Wireless 750N router - Ipad; iphone; daughter's laptop; work laptop

Once i connect to the internet here, I also use a VPN so I can avoid the great firewall. If this is or isn't possible, please let me know why. If it is, i'll buy the second network card and see if I can set it up then go back to China Unicom and ask them to reset my connection to 512k/sec. Right now, if my daughter tries to watch a cartoon online, it eats almost 90% of the connection bandwidth and I sometimes can't even check my email it gets so slow.

Thanks for any help people can provide.
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  1. It depends how they are detecting multiple machines. If they are being stupid and just looking at the MAC address change the mac on your router to match your PC.

    There is no way to actually detect the router itself. How would they know if you had used a PC as a router using ICS from microsoft or used one of the many linux based router software on a PC platform. A lot of commercial routers use a linux based system.

    Normally I would say they were snooping your traffic but if you run VPN then they can't see much. It is easy to see in unencrypted traffic the difference between PC,apple,android traffic. Maybe they are seeing multiple VPN tunnels and assuming you are running multiple machines.

    But yes if you use a dual nic machine and something like ICS you could make it work as you say....but it should not be necessary.
  2. Agree w/ bill001g, VPN is the solution (assuming they don't prevent use of the VPN). Anything else means your data can be scrutinized, and that's how they detect the use of multiple devices. That's exactly how websites change their response to various devices too, such as presenting a slightly difference experience to mobile users than other users (e.g., using the user-agent field in the browser headers).
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