New computer won't connect to internet

My new computer won't connect with the internet until my older computer is turned on. My phone is the same way when going Wi-fi
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  1. Do you some how have the router connected to your old computer or is the modem connected to the old computer and then the router ?
  2. I have a wireless connectiom with router and no modem.
  3. You have to have a modem to connect to the internet.
  4. I have internet through our local electric company, the call it fiber optics. The cable in to home I connect it to wireless router. I am not good with technical parts but I do know I don't have a modem in the house. Tried to look it up on there website so I can explain how the connect but they didn't say anything but fiber optic internet. Thank you for being patient and trying to help me.
  5. Even if you have fiber optic you still need a modem. It may be that they have a box installed on the side of the house because they don't usually bring fiber optics into the home and in that case you need to run an ethernet cable to that box. Your going t5o have to get more information from the electric company so that you can connect to the internet or to give us more info so we can know how your service works.
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