Is malwairebytes antimalwaire the best free virus protection to get?

if not, what is?my friend told me it is the best free one. he says its so good. u dont need any other virus protections? he say svirus protections are a bunch of crap, and that program is great for removing viruses? is this true.
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  1. It is very good, I would however recommend that you install Microsoft Security Essentials aswell as this is likely to pick up additional stuff. It is completely free and there are no adverts on it what so ever
  2. I use both Malwarebytes as well an Avast, i use Avast to scan webpages,files etc in realtime and i use Malwarebytes simply to scan my system every once in a while.

    Malwarebytes is a pretty reputable and reliable anti-malware program and i have yet to run into any issues using it so i would say your friend is right in that regard. Granted there are other anti-virus programs (like Avast) that i don't think are "crap" as your friend claims.

    But any protection is better then no protection, even if you have an anti-virus program is not fully reliable in detecting all malware. It's better then nothing.
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