Help with building a portfoilio

So i am very new to building website and do not know where to start

I want to create a online portfolio, but not just the "standard" one that looks like a blog create by 5year old

I want to have a awesome intro like the Sony website has and also nice interface (like a prezi). I am a fast learner so i can learn adobe Dreamweaver if i need to
also how does it work? do i create the interface and than can i upload it as a template or do i need a certain kind of service to put it on the web or what?

I also want to have a recommendation section where the employer cant see it until I give him a code or something to type in the website and than only the letters that i have given him the code to be unlocked or a contact form where along with info the employer fills out a password/code that i sent them with my hard copy of my resume, which unlocks the recommendations or can post a question

also i don't want the website to be in any search engine, only through the address.

I have a lot of options to choose from in terms of buying the domain. which one would you recommend

I really want the site to be simple and detailed, (so when they hover over the specific section, they get a little box with detailed info)

any help would be fine, i dont need massive storage space or anything like that also one or two email is fine.
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  1. You will not create an awesome website with a tool like Dreamweaver. It takes YEARS of learning HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and back end technology like PHP or Java to create awesome websites.

    So, just dig in, study websites that you like, learn to use a good editor like Notepad++, and plan to spend months of time developing something decent you can build on. . .
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