Driver problem with Geforce3 Ti200

I have a problem with the Nvidia driver (23.11). After installing and rebooting, all that comes up (after loading windows) is a seagreen stripy background, no mouse, no start menu or anything. All I can do is restart (and the funny thing is that I can restart with alt-F4) in safe-mode and reinstall the old drivers, Nvidia driver 4.13. These are the drivers that came with the card, but I am having some difficulties in some games etc and I have a feeling that I would get much more out of the card with the 23.11. Does anyone have any idea what to do? I have the latest Via chipset driver 4.37 (4in1) if I remember correctly. My system is:
Soltek SL-75DRV4 (Via Apollo KT266A)
Amd athlon XP 1700
128 mb ddr
Inno3D tornado Geforce3 Ti200
Windows 98

If there's anything more you need to know, please ask, and please help.

Per Bengtsson
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  1. The Via 4in1 4.38 drivers are out. Might try that first.
    Did you totaly remove the old Nvidia drivers before you installed
    the newer ones?

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  2. Yes, I tried different ways. Installing over the old one, remove the old one and then install, installing in safe-mode... Well let's just say I spent few hours over it. Do you think it might be a Bios-problem? And in that case a bios-problem for the Geforce-card, or for the mainboard?

    Very happy for the tip about latest 4in1, I shall try it out as soon is possible!

    Per Bengtsson
  3. i had the same problem and it was a b@@""h to rectify.. i tried 12 different versions of the detonator drivers in conjunction with 5 different versions of the 4in1 patch.. along with a number of fresh installs of windows. either i'd get the stripes or windows would just freeze. this was just the start of it though.
    only on the third motherboard i tried could i get the d""n thing working.
    Graphics card was the creative gf3 ti200, first chipset was the via kt266, second was sis and finally the one that worked was the amd 761 on the asus a7m266.
    have fun.. sorry to sound so pescimistic.. admittedly this is the worst case scenerio hopefully it wont be so bad for you. and i've got to admit (and i have built a lot of pcs and serviced a lot more) this was the worst problem i'd ever had with a graphics card...
  4. Try Detonator 29.41

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  5. Thi9s is an old post but.... Instal Via's 4in1 drivers ver 4.43. when I had a GF3 Ti200 I ran the 21.83's and 21.85's without any problems at all. Recently I ran the 30.82's but I didn't like them all that much.

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  6. I have the same problem with the GForce 4400 and the newest drivers,it didnot start until I loaded the new drivers all I do is hit the reset button on my box before it boots all the way and everything boots fine. If you have not done this yet unistall all of the old drivers and check the Bios to make sure it is looking to boot from AGP
  7. Dont use the 4.45 drivers..I did.........Big mistake.Crashes,games are slow,,it sucks.4.45 is for the new Windows ..Not 98x....Im going to try the 4.38 Via driver.
    Go to "" as a note....It got a video card that FIC said it would not work on...Gainward Gforce2 TI500 Golden Sample..I know its not the card..I just broke it out of the box..FIC maybe right..Seems it will work,,but it might be the South Bridge and North Bridge chipset that are the problem...Just make sure you know your systom..Or your F@#$%^&.As A fact,,,I would do a lot more homework to make *sure that you want to do this..I did this to get a few more frame per second..And ill tell you "Its not any faster in QIII arena" Since Quake is a Glide based game,No other card can play in full Glide than a Voodoo based card..Its a fact.But we all know,,,"Voodoo is dead" I doubt if this helped,,But a Stupid answer is better than none........
  8. With your chipset, I wolud recommend getting the Via 4.32 4in1's (I'm running them right now). I have a Via Apollo Pro 133A, and a Geforce 2 GTS. I have found the 4.32's to be very stable for the "Win98/old Via chipset" combo. I'm also running the Nvidia 30.82's which are fast, and very stable. I'm waiting for the final driver release of the 40.xx Detonator's, as they are still in beta. In short, I'd recommend the Via 4.32 + Nvidia 30.82 drivers for great stability.

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