Random Hard Restarts After Ram

I have a A7V333 mobo, Athlon 2100, GF4 Ti4200. Latest 4in1 and Nvidia drivers. Windows XP with SP1.
I have 256mb of PC2700 and the other day I bought and installed another 256mb of ram. A day or so after that I started getting random hard restarts as if I just press the restart button. After that the computer will keep trying to boot over and over but always restarts when windows is about to start. The "Windows did not start successfully" menu comes up often too. It won't boot again successfully until I turn off the computer and then it will give me the "windows did not start..." menu and after that will boot properly to windows. The CPU temperature is high due to a worn out fan but it is not hitting the cut off temp to shut off the system. I took out the new ram but the problem persisted. Could I have damaged my mobo installing the ram? Could there be a software problem? Are there any utilities I should download to test and diagnose my motherboard, cpu, or memory? thanks
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  1. ur saying ur fan is worn out so whats are u really talking about get new fanid its worn out like u say
  2. Did you try removing the module and seeing if everything went back to normal? You could have a flaky module!

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  3. I took out the new ram but I'm still having the problem. What I don't understand is that before the CPU would get up to 75degrees and then shut itself off to protect itself. Now when I get into the 60s the computer will just crash.
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