Windows 7 install disk will not run on the dvd drive. A screen says "strike F1 key to continue"
"F2 to run setip utility' and I get no response.
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  1. That's a BIOS message not a setup message. What does it say aside from that? Do you have the DVD drive set as a bootable device in the BIOS (that would be the F2 option).
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    Depending on your computer you may need to use a PS/2 keyboard to get into your bios (likely if you have an older PC) and select your DVD drive as a boot device above your hard drive. PS/2 keyboards had a round purple connector at the end, rather than a USB connector; if you have replaced your keyboard at some point then try the old one (or an old one with the ps2 connector).
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  4. thank all of you for your help and I really appreciate it, Gary
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