Cant change multiple display settings windows 7

My mom's laptop is stuck in extended display mode and doesn't give the option for any other display mode. We've tried rebooting and disabling the secondary, external monitor, as well as disconnecting that monitor. She reset the computer from a restore point and that seemed to fix the display, but the computer still thinks it's in extended display mode and won't let that change. The Win + P hotkey also didn't seem to work.

Any ideas what could cause this? This is assuming she was right about the drivers being up to date.

She uses an HP laptop (I don't know the model) and Windows 7.
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  1. Have you tried something like fn+f2 or something like that, If you look at f keys, you should see a blue logo of a screen and you need to press fn+f8 key depending on model of laptop.

    If you would of provided the model I could of check it for your.
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