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I am currently completing my degree in Applied Physics (starting 4th year) with the hope to work in Semi Conductors industry and computer world (research or engineering or both). My school is offering the following courses for my degree:

I am not planning to apply for Honours, but do plan to take the course loads for the knowledge. The program gives me the option to also take followings in addition to Semi Conductor Physics, Solid State Physics, Modern Optics Physics, Electromagnetic Waves:

ENSC 426: High Freq. Electronics; ENSC 495: Introduction to Microelectronic Fabrication; ENSC 330: Material Science;

My school also does offer an Engineering Minor in Computer and Electronics Design:

While at it, here is what a MAJOR in Electronic Engineering requires: (in short, i have to do 5 extra first year easy class stuff + mandatory co-op for atleast 3 semesters.)

My delimma:

At the moment, I am 25 years old. If I complete the minor, I will be graduating in Dec of 2013. If I dont, I will graduate in Dec of 2012 in age of 26.

I personally like to do the minor simply because it could go well with my research and love for electronics and computers. But the question is, will it give me any edge when it comes to getting a job? Can i get a job as an engineer?

On the other hand, if I do the Major in Engineering as well (Double Major in Applied Physics and Electronic Engineering), I will be 28 by the time I have graduated due to mandatory 1 year long co-op. The question is, Will I have a better chance compare to minor? Will my age prevent me the job?

I guess, is it worth the Major part?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Do you have an idea of what you want to do, post college?

    With a degree in math and focus on engineering, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a job after you graduate, the question still remains of what job that is.

    Do you have an industry (more focused than just IT) that you would like to go into?

    Age isn't going to be a big detriment to your career as long as you have the education to back it up. Most companies like grads right out of school because they can mold them into the role they want them in.

    Are you more interested in the computer environment, integrated device environment, embedded systems, micro controllers, etc. ?

    Having an idea of what type of device market you want to focus on (at least to start) will give you an advantage as you will be slightly more specialized. I warn you not to over-specialize though, as this could limit your potential, but not necessarily.

    Hope this helps a bit, as for which courses to take, I'd see if you can answer some of the questions I've asked you and consider where you want to go from there.
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