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Hey TH,

Having a bit of frustration right after I built my computer. I installed Windows 8 64 bit since I'm too cheap to buy windows 7. When I try to install the drivers for my Westell 6100 modem, the application simply does not run. Is this because of windows 8 driver compatibility issues?

Thanks for the help in advance.
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  1. If your modem isn't working, how are you connecting to the internet?
  2. It's working on my laptop, but I need the drivers for my new desktop
  3. Is it plugged in USB? If it is plugged in through ethernet you don't need drivers. If it's plugged in through USB use an ethernet cable.
  4. The ethernet (card? I dont know much about modems) is not working. It has been broken for a while. So I just use USB.
  5. I'd go buy a cheap network card to replace it. there probably isn't drivers for Windows 8 and the Westell 6100, yet.
  6. So like a PCIe x1 card?
  7. Decided to get a new modem. Could a mod please close this thread?
  8. Hi :)

    You WONT find a modem with Windows 8 drivers or compatability... :(

    All the best Brett :)
  9. But ethernet will work correctly?
  10. Ethernet should work correctly. Most of the drivers for Windows7 have worked with windows8. The architecture isn't that much different. You can use a pci-e or pci if you have the slot for it.
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