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Boot problem hp 8510p laptop

Here's the problem; laptop was running like a champ. I partitioned my 500gb WD hdd and dedicated 100gb to ubuntu 11.0. Later I decided to delete the ubuntu partition (D) so that win7 would have the entire 500gb. I used a program called reimage to do this. After that my laptop boots all the way to starting win and when the four colorful microsoft logo all comes together it reboot to; start windows normally or start up repair. When running start up repair it says it cant repair the problem.

So I replaced the hdd with another perfectly good hdd and it still does the same thing. Can anyone please help I need my hp lpt working again. Thanking you all in advance.
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  1. You say you replaced the HDD with another one are you saying you have put a blank HDD in and then reinstalled Win7 and it still does the same?
  2. I put another hdd in with the same windows 7 ultimate install already loaded. When I run start up repair it provides me with error code 0x0. I have tried everything within my knowledge and still the same thing. Its as if my laptop is stuck in bootloop. please help..................!

    Thank you for responding!
  3. Try going in to the BIOS and look for the setting for the Hard disk that says either RAID - AHCI - ATA - IDE - SATA.

    Try changing it to each of the other options that are available rebooting the PC each time you change it. Hopefully one of them will clear the problem.

    All the best
  4. Thank you and I do apologize for my delayed update, however; there are no such settings in my BIOS and I did navigate thru all the BIOS settings. I have fixed many problems with my laptops before but this one has had me very bewildered.

    Do you think that if I reset the CMOS battery that it will fix the problem without making things worse?

    Thank you for your help!
  5. you cannot simply move a hard drive with windows installed on it to another computer. you must do a fresh install of windows when you install the hard disk into a new computer.
  6. Thank you for your reply, I did not know that. What do you think I should do at this point?
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    Get a Windows Repair Disk here and try the repair options there:

    If none work try using the above to go to Command prompt and type

    Chkdsk c:

    see if that helps
  8. Thank you! I will try the windows repair disk! Not clear on where to get it, when you state here - are you referring to this site?

    Also when I tried to expand the partition something went wrong and it assigned the partition to (0) so there is no (C) anymore.

    Thanks again...........!
  9. Thank you so much for the link, very informative also!
  10. To: jamesmcuk

    Thank you so very much! I did go to the link you provided and downloaded the file and burned the repair disk, inserted the disk and was back up and running in a matter of minutes.

    My hat is off to you as I am very grateful for the help that you have provided.

    Also I would like to thank all of you who took the time and interest in helping me, you are appreciated.

    Thanks Again..................... :pt1cable:
  11. You're more than welcome thanks for reporting back that it worked as few people do. Remeber to mark the thread as Solved.


  12. Ok! Will do and thanks again!
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