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:??: Hey guys im having a problem that I cant quite get my head around. My desktop pc is connected to My network but has no internet connectivity. I tried rebooting the router, the computer, and tried different cables between a switch and my pc. I have also updated the driver. I am able to connect to the router from the computer. but I cannot connect to any webpage. Also the router does not see my pc. But my wife's laptop sees it through homegroup. My network is set up like this. Comcast cable modem/router (in my basement) hardline to an ethernet switch that has my pc, a network printer and, network harddrive attached. My wifes laptop is connected wirelessly and works fine. Also the router/modem combo sees the printer and network drive so I can only assume that the hardline is good. (the hardline runs over 75 feet and is not exactly easy to just swap out). In device manager says the network adapter is working. Any thoughts or things I can try would be great. I plan on stoping by Microcenter today to pick up a network card due to the possibility that the internal network card is bad.
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  1. If you can connect to the router from your computer then you network card is fine. I assume by this you mean you can open the configuration screens.

    You could have any number of issues. First I would try your wifes laptop to the switch just to make sure that all is ok. It likely will be fine.

    You need to start with the basics. Open a command window and see if you can ping or (these are public DNS servers). If this works then you likely have a DNS issue or browser issue or you could even have a firewall issue. If it does not then you need to see if you have a proper default gateway and ip address on your PC.
  2. I want to go through a little background into what happened and why. The room that my pc is in doesnt get a very good wireless signal. So I decided to try to use an old router I had to extend my wireless network. I did this by disconnecting the ethernet switch and using the router as the switch/ range extender. Well I wasn't aving any luck and decide to just forget it and just go back to using the switch. This is when my desktop stoped having an internet connection. I had a connection with the router plugged in and also before I even started this idea. I couldnt get the Wireless to work correctly so I reverted back to the way that worked fine. So I didnt know if I somehow blew out the internal card. so that the whole truth and nother but the truth. and all the info I can think of right now.
  3. Generally if you break the nic card in a machine it will not work at all. Most failures are because you bent a wire in the connector or you somehow fed power into the device and burned it up. Most these nothing lights up. Since you can actually access somethings you are well past the hardware and it is likely something in the software settings.
  4. Thankyou for your reply. When i get off work I am going to go home a just do a system restore to when it worked. Hopefully that takes care of whatever changed. If that doesn't work i'll try to do a full reset on the comcast router. And if that dont work I don't know what im going to do because Im a freaking Mechanic not nan I.T. guy. I know just enough to get me into trouble...
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