Laptop only connects to internet when router reset

my laptop only connects to the internet when the router is off, then switched on.

If the router is on when I turn my laptop on it won't connect, but it always connects when I do it the other way around.

Other devices (like phones) connect to the internet via the same router flawlessly, it's just the laptop that, for some reason, needs to be on first.

It must be a setting somewhere, but I don't know where. Any ideas?
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  1. If the router is on and you turn on the laptop doesn't the ;aptop scan for wireless connections ? Also you can click on the tv shaped icon on the task bar and select Open Network and Sharing Center and you should have options in there to connect.
    You may want to select the option to join a netwrk and put in the wireless network password to join. Once you do that you should be in the network and connect any time that the router is on.
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