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I was told not to leave my email address in public places like forums and the such. My email address is everywhere, what do I do about it now?
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  1. What do you do to leave your email address in public? Do you sign out after using a forum or check your e-mail? Also, there are options to keep your e-mail private such as a forum.
  2. with email it like reg mail to your home...your main email addy only use it for friends and family and people you want to talk too.
    use a free email account like hotmail or gmail for shopping and web forums and facebook. when they get spammed to hell you just use the free blocking tools or change email accounts.
  3. Its not too much of a worry but like others say it will eventually get picked up and used in SPAM lists. Best course of action is to get yourself a nice new Gmail account (big gmail fan here LOL) and start moving over to it now. Always keep the two accounts and sign up for any forums and none important stuff with the old address. That way all the junk adverts and mailing lists you invariably get added to will not clog up and dilute your important new email account. Sadly its probably to late for your old email address.
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