Generic RAM ?


Is generic (unbranded) RAM any good?

or do people generally not recommed it because its untested and therefore you dont know if its gonna have any major flaws?

Its stated at the same speed and quality as the branded memory ??

Any feedback or links to comparisions or benchmark sites would be great.
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  1. If overclocking brand name RAM is a must!

    Otherwise, brand name RAM is a must!

    Look at the prices of Crucial RAM vs your generic prices. Might not be that different.

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  2. well you can't benchmark generic ram becasue it doesn't have a brand and is different depending on where and when you bought it.

    so no benchmarks.

    also it may be the crap ram from named manufacturers.
    like substandard golfballs from branded companys are often sold as golfballs with no name associated with them!!!

    i don't know if that is true with ram but it could be
  3. Just about every computer out there uses generic RAM, so it's not that bad. It's not as good as branded ram, but it won't cause your computer to explode or anything.

    Generic ram uses an assortment of chips from an assortment of manufacturers, depending on what's cheepest at the moment. It'll meet it's rated specifications but you may not be able to exceed those specifications. For instance it's hard to get CL 2.0 generic ram, and you've got a slightly less than 50% chance of overclocking cCL 2.5 generic ram to run at CL 2.0.

    It can also be difficult to return, and usually carries a very short warrenty.

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