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Is there an easy way to change a file from prn to pdf or whatever will print? Thanks.
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  1. There are "free" PDF printer drivers around (Google/Bing for them). If this "printer" is set as "default", it might capture the output from your DOS (presumably) program.
  2. I can't even begin to understand that. I thought you could just resave it with the extension of pdf.
  3. Alabalcho said:
    There are "free" PDF printer drivers around (Google/Bing for them). If this "printer" is set as "default", it might capture the output from your DOS (presumably) program.

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    For old folks like me, "PRN" means "A printer which by default is connected to PC' parallel port named LPT1", and in old DOS days, one could print from an application by setting the printer to PRN.

    Of course, all this implies your PRN file is plain text. If it has been formatted for a particular printer, you are out of luck.

    What is the application this PRN file has been produced on?

    Now, it seems that you HAVE a file with PRN extension, which you want to convert to PDF. If this is the case - open the file in recent Word version, and "Save As" PDF.

    Or, install one of these damn PDF printers, open your PRN file on Notepad, and print it to that PDF.
  5. I tried downloading somethign about PRN and if you downloaded it you could print PRn, but it didn't work and screwed up my computer so I got rid of it. Any other ideas. All the coupons and everything are in prn. Even if I copy them, put them in word, it still won't print.
  6. Nothing is working for this prn printing, I've tried all your suggestions. I get so much in this format I have to do something. Any more ideas anyone.
  7. Can you open one of these files with Notepad, and post here first ten-twenty lines of that file?
  8. I can't believe I got this far. I had to do things to get it to notepad. This is a coupon - supposed to be in a box like a coupon usually is, but this is all it will do - but at least its not in chinese. Maybe you are on to something.

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  9. There is no way you should be getting PRN formatted files. Those are special printer language files that are not meant to be viewed by humans. You get a document, your program sends it to the printer as a PRN file, the printer reads the PRN file and does the commands inside to get you your image.

    Read this,2817,1945478,00.asp

    You need to add a lot more details what you do to get these PRN files. If you are downloading coupons, they would come though as a regular image file from the web, not as a PRN file. What exactly happens with this PRN file, where do they come from.

    Most coupon sites are just there to collect your email to resell to spammers anyway.
  10. I figured out an easy way to print .prn documents. Save on desktop and it will automatically save to a .pdf. Use adobe acrobat reader to open it and print it. Easy as pie. If you don't have AAreader, its a free download. I can also open it with "paint" that way too. It's great!!!!!
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  12. All bullshit aside... You resolve this by opening the advanced flyer in the print screen and untick "print to file" option.
    Then the pdf prints.
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