How to make compatible data card with all wifi router

I have a data card from movicel-Angoal...will it be possible to connect with wi-fi router....multiple users can access?
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  1. You need a very special router. If this is USB type device there are a number routers on the market. One of the more common ones is cradlepoint mbr95. The major issue is that router must have support for both the device and the carrier. Even if for example the adapters is made by Huawei it must also have any special drivers for the carrier.

    I would call the carrier and ask them if they can recommend a router that supports your card or if they sell one that will work.

    Otherwise you are just going to have to dig though manufactures sites until you find support. Cradlepoint is a good starting point but netgear and tplink as well as many other make product. This is very hard since the vast majority are made for the US or Euro markets.
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