what sound card should I get?

I'm thinking about replacing my SBLive! Value card that I've had for a few years now, the reason being that Dolby 5.1 sound seems to be converted to the 2 speaker setup I've got a bit oddly - generally, watching a DVD results in overly-quiet audio during the 'normal' parts of a film, then a loud part like an action scene is overly loud. I'm having to adjust the volume quite a bit. Playing the same DVD on the 5.1 channel setup on the DVD player connected to the TV, I don't have to keep adjusting the volume. I would guess this is because the SBLive! Value isn't Dolby 5.1 capable.

I don't want to spend more than ~£50 (UKP), but if spending a little more results in getting a much better card, that's fine :) Suggestions please :)
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  1. Turtle Beach Santa Cruz= Excellent choice

    Details, Details, Its all in the Details, If you need help, Don't leave out the Details.
  2. Are their drivers good (preferably, I'd like a 'nice and light' set of drivers)?

    ... ah. just looked on their website. 20M download for win2k driver? Are they having a laugh? Also, anyone know of a UK online vendor of TB soundcards?
  3. Audigy 2 cards are topnotch, but you'll have to pay the price though. I bought an Audigy 2 (Not Platinum though) and a Creative 6.1 soundsystem for only 110 Euro. Well worth it's price, this sound is EXCELLENT! (And I totally love the EAX feature!)
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