Help with Att uverse and two routers?


I am putting this request out there in the hopes that someone has attempted or knows a configuration that may work.

I am getting Uverse this saturday for internet only. I dont know what model 2wire modem/router they will install.

What i would like to be able to do is disable the wireless internet function on the 2WIRE and connect that to a Netgear router that has the QOS feature i need to prioritize my xbox 360. I would also like to attach two other LAN cables to this router to use for other devices needing internet in the basement. I would also like to disable the wireless internet function on this router.

Next i would like to have my apple time capsule to act as the router that transmits my wireless network. and be able to use any availabe LAN ports on the time capsule.

This is a very basic synopsis of what i want to achieve but i cant say i understand all the ramifications of trying to configure a setup like this.

Could anyone help me please.

Thank You
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  1. You would be best off setting the 2wire to bridge mode. Plug the netgear WAN port into the 2wire and disable the wireless as you say. You would want to run your apple box as a AP. If it has the option follow the directions or disable the DHCP and plug it lan to lan port into your netscreen.

    Don't expect the QoS to do a real lot it is mostly is used to control traffic being SENT from your house to the internet which seldom is the bottleneck.
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