mitsubishi 2070sb blurry at top and bottom


I own a mitsubishi 2070sb, but at the 1600*1200 resolution it is more blurry at top and bottom of screen than in the middle. I don't find any controls to solve that. I use 85Hz now but going to 75 or 70 doesn't solve it either. It should easily manage 1600*1200 at 85Hz. My system is dual xeon 2.8; winXP pro, ati radeon 9800 pro.

Anyone has tips or suggestions to solve this?


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  1. Hi...sorry 4 my bad english
    I´m from Spain and i bought this monitor 3 weeks ago.
    I read a lot of excelent and outstanding reviews.
    My crt arrives home...y conect it to my radeon 9800 pro.
    My first impresion is bad. At recomended resolution 1600x1200 my eyes burn...i play with naviset and osd menu.
    Nothing. I begin to lose my smile.
    I have a samsung syncmaster 15" and my eyes are very confortable with it.
    In eyes burn all day.
    I serch and serch 4 other people who lives the same situation and finally i find it:

    26 pages in a France Forum talking about several problems+
    I serch my lateral holes with potenciometers...and manipulate it for best h and v convergence...
    Finally ...i concluded that or my mitsubishi 2070sb have a fabrication defect or blurry text in 85 hz and higer...and blurry text too in 1280x762 or higher...
    Same like you
    center beter than sides...
    I send it to mitsubishi Spain and need a answer.
    My eyes burn with this monitor...NAviset and potentiometers calibration included.
    Maybe a defective tube...maybe me.
    I wait a early reponse...
    I will rejoin to write ...when i will have it

    mitsubishi 2070sb
  2. I set my monitor to 1024 by 768 pixes using 85 hertz, works fine. I just tried setting to 1600 by 1200 pixes using 85 hertz, also fine. I think you have a defective monitor.

    Where did you by the monitor? If you brought it from a store try returning the monitor for an exchange. If you brought it on the Internet, then contact your seller. Mitsubishi covers this monitor for three years. You can always contact them, via (USA) or (Global)

    Good luck,

  3. Hi,

    After reading the french thread, I adjusted the monitor with the potentiometers on the left side, and now it's much better. But still It could be better on 1600*1200. I don't use 1024*768, why buy a 22inch monitor if you're only using that resolution? I think you better bought a 17inch for 100€ instead.
  4. It easier to surf the web. :-)
  5. My monitor arrived to Madrid today.
    Engeneer don´t open box yet. Tomorrow maybe...
    I just can say that windows desktop seems good after potentiometer regulation...but web pages and other text also photo in potoshop, worst than other crt cheapest.
    Not normal....
    My eyes burn when i read.
    I will write again when chat with technician from mitsu about this sensations.
    When i up my resolutions my eyes burn!!!
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