Corsair Pc-2700 XMS 512 MB vs Samsung vs Kingston

I'm building a new computer on an ASUS P4PE motherboard. I've noticed that some brnads like Kingston's RAM prices have dropped considerably in the past few weeks. I'm looking at DDR 2700 Ram.

Below are the three brands I'm considering:

Samsung Original DDR333 PC-2700 512mb CAS2.5
Corsair Pc-2700 XMS 512 MB
KINGSTON KVR333X64C25/512 512MB 32x64 PC2700

The Corsair memory is much more expensive than either of the two other brands (probably due to the fact that it has heat spreaders). Kingston has come down in price so it's at around $83. I was wondering if there is any major difference in any of these three brands. Right now I'm leaning towards the Kingston because I could get three sticks of 512 for the same price as a pair of Corsair's or Samsungs. I don't plan on overclocking my system and I need alot of RAM because I do a lot of work with audio and some video.
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  1. Anyone have any input?
  2. Personally I would go with samsung because corsair hand picks the fastest samsung ram chips and slaps on the cosair heatplate. So the extra money spent on corsair is on their brand name.
  3. Both Samsung and Crucial are good brand names, but if you can get 3 Kingston for the price of 2 of the others, then I would go with Kingston (which is not a bad brand in and of itself).

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  4. Kingston dose not over clock real good i have some
    runns great at default
  5. Anyone of the three will do for what you are asking it to do. Stick with price to finalize your decision.

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