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DVD will not playback - ideas?

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February 8, 2003 5:03:12 PM

I have a new P4, 2.8 GHZ,Asus p4g8x MB, Saphire Radeon 9700 Pro graphics card, Samsung 191T (digital mode)monitor.
My Pioneer CD DVD player will not play back DVD. The screen goes brilliantly multi-colored upon playback - then freezes my computer until reset.
Doesn't matter DVD player - I've tried 3. (different DVD's as well)
Have a GB of RAM, that isn't the problem.
All games play well.
What is my problem? I have all the newest drivers...

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February 9, 2003 4:18:44 PM

Let me guess. You are running windows XP. and have TV outputs on your video card.

If you are...try an older DVD title(most don't have copy protection).
If it plays you will know that some form of copy protection is in the operating system. I have a more than a hunch that Bill Gates and Macromedia have buggered us again.
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February 9, 2003 5:02:52 PM

hope is disgusting - all these top of the line components and DVD movie doesn't even playback. I could have got that for under a thousand.
The Radeon 9700 Pro has TV out - I'll check everything out including the suggestions from the other post here - will report back when I get it running.
February 15, 2003 1:11:14 AM

Resolved! Booted back to factory default, day of delivery Worked fine, though I lost all my info loaded since received. Apparent fault - something I loaded. I would guess one of the following two things - or a combination of both.
1. Crap trial games loaded from CD's from gaming magazines.
2. Loading so much stuff - Office, Frontpage, etc. without shutting down after each install. Just loading too much too quickly.
Live and learn - I did.