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I have a 5 Ultra160 SCSI drives that i would like to put in their on enclosure. There will be two raid setups both RAID 0. I already have a RAID controller, but i have a few questions regarding external enclosures. My questions are these:

1)Since i simply want to hook up the drives to the external connectors on the internal RAID card, i would think all i need is a SCSI enclosure and not the high dollar RAID ones.

2) Since i need two independent channels, will scsi enclosures have to connectors on the enclosure to do this.

3) I have never seen or played around with external scsi enclosures and any info on this would be greatly appreciated including suggestions on ones to buy.


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  1. Compgeeks sells a SCSI tower for around $80 I think, it looks like a full tower computer case and has drive bays top to bottom.

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  2. you can always pick up an external cd-rom tower on ebay and use this. You will need to get some 31/2 to 5 1/4 drive adapters is all. this will give you great spacing for better cooling.

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