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Trendnet wifi chip disconnects randomly

January 1, 2013 11:58:52 AM

Hi there, i got a usb wifi chip(Trendnet) about 3 months ago.
At first it would work like a charm, connecting without any problem, but about a month after i got it the internet would randomly disconnect and wouldn't work until you right clicked on the network bar and said troubleshoot.
It would then diagnose the problem and would "Reset Wireless Network Adapter". It would then resolve the problem and about an hour later the internet disconnects again.

What i don't understand is that its telling me that it has at least 82% signal and seeing as though the router is fairly new, the software should be fine(either way it doesn't matter because the problem is with the wifi chip, i think).

Im running the connection as a homegroup and i have a one Mb line adsl.
OS-Windows 7 Ultimate

Please help