Cannot get the two rear speakers in my 5.1 surround system to work

Hello, I recently reinstalled Windows 7 and have since then not been able to use my speakers correctly since. It's important you know that they worked just fine a few days ago before I reinstalled. I did of course do a full format of the hard drive.

When I'm configuring the speakers in Windows to 5.1, I'm not getting any feedback from the two rear speakers. My speakers are Logitech Z5500, motherboard Asus 880G Extreme3, sound card Creative SB X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro. Enabling X-Fi CMSS-3D doesn't do anything either but make the volume of the front speakers a bit lower to compensate for the supposed increased volume of the rear speakers. Which is non existent anyway.

I tried plugging the cables (I use analogue) into the on-board sound card's ports and had the same problem, which tells me it isn't a problem with the Creative sound card, but most likely something in Windows that I'm missing. Testing the speakers through the receiver works just fine. I have also tried removing the drivers I installed completely and reinstalled to see if it just was some installation error. I have also tried removing the on-board sound card drivers and disabling the on-board sound card in BIOS while trying to install the Creative drivers again. This shouldn't have worked anyway since I'm having the same problem with the two sound cards.

It's probably something really simple I'm missing, but would appreciate any help!
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  1. Maybe you need the AC3 filter. Try this

    It may not be the reason, since, the 5.1 windows configuration tool should actually give you a signal in the rear speakers. Have you made sure the cables from the PC to the Receiver are plugged into the correct ports?
  2. You probably already checked this but just in case:

    Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Sound > Playback Tab > Configure Button

    Ensure Speaker config is correct

    Also ensure correct item is set as default
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