Ethernet Switch Only works on 1 computer in my house

Hey guys Please Help!
I bought a "Nexxt Solutions 8 ports Ethernet Switch" and it only allows me to use the internet on the first computer that I plug into one of the Lan ports. I get a Limited Connection Message

I did some research and found something about a DHCP Server and automatic IP assignment, but I can't find a comprehensive tutorial on how to setup this.


If you know of a better/easier way for me to get internet on the other computer in the house please help.

I'm sure the solution is simple.I just need a beginner friendly tutorial or some steps for me to follow, I have an Idea of what to do based on some reading I've done but I'm not sure.

Also I have 1 Windows 7 PC and 2 XP PC.

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  1. You did wire the switch into your router first, right? A switch doesn't allow you to share the internet. That's the purpose of a router.
  2. Hawkeye beat me to it, but yeah, your network / internat connection should look like...

    #1. Modem. Cable, DSL, Satelite, or??
    #2. Router. This will have 1 WAN port that connects to the modem, and 1 or more (typically 4) LAN ports. These can be connected to computers, game consoles, printers etc... whatever with an ethernet jack.
    #3. Switch. This is to extend your network beyond the capability of your router. You would connect this to your router via an ethernet cable to one of the routers LAN ports.

    You mention you only have 3 computers, didn't say a word about game consoles, TVs, or NAS devices, so chances are that switch is just, well... extra. You really should have a router with 4 ethernet ports.

    Depending on your budget, and requirements, just about any Wireless N capable router will do. I would get at least an N600 router with gigabit LAN ports to keep your router compatible with anything you might want to add to your network later on.
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