Computer cant find printer tcp/ip

I'm trying to add a printer back to my laptop. I've had to do this several times because our internet drops a lot.
This time for some reason I can't add the wireless printer back to my laptop. When I add the printer it finds it but then it can't establish the tcp/ip connection.
My workstation at the house can print to the wireless printer with no problem.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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  1. ok, somehow I added the printer and sent a print document to the queue and it gets there but then gets and error and won't print.
  2. Is this an older printer or a fairly new one that has Wifi capability ? Because you lose the internet for whatever reason you shoulkd not lose the printer off the network.
    he printer I have has an install cd that has an option to connect wirelessly and I have it connected to the network by wireless and that means that it's connected to the router and not a specific device like a laptop or desktop. Once the drivers are loaded then it should stay loaded and not have to keep loading the drivers.
    If your internet drops because of your router then maybe it's time for a new router because you shouldn't have to keep loading the printer.
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