2nd HD crash, slow boot time

Hello everyone,
I'd greatly appreciate if someone can help me.
I had 2 hard drives in XP Pro, each one it's own partition. The first one has the OS and the second one is a WD 120G. The WD disk died and I took it out. Xp Pro still works since my first HD is okay, but it boots very slow. I ran bootvis.exe I saw that it takes 85 seconds to boot, and 37 seconds is how long it takes the disk to initialize. I'm thinking that XP Pro is searching for the now gone WD 120G, and that's why its taking so long. Before the HD crashed, it took me 45 seconds to boot up. Does anybody have any suggestions or ideas on how to prevent XP from searching for the dead hard disk?
Please Help i hate slow boot times.
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  1. Have you checked your BIOS yet? I had a crash too with my older system and the reason why the boot was taking so long was because I forgot to change my BIOS settings, the crashed HD was still in it (it was such a manual BIOS thingy, old tech so to say)...
  2. Yes, I did remove the drive from the BIOS. Still boots slow.
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