VP201s versus Dell 2001FP!

Viewsonic VP201s versus Dell 2001FP??? anyone know which one has better graphic and performance in games?
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  1. comon anyone?
  2. Maximum pc had a review of 8 lcd's. 2001fp was better than vp201s. The vp201s failed, while the 2001fp passed. For the vp201s - they said at 1280x1024 the image and text was very bad.
  3. Of course it would be - its a 5:4 resolution. 1600x1200 is a 4:3 resolution.
  4. Don't have experience with the vp201S, but can say from experience the Dell is an AMAZING monitor.
  5. How about Samsung 193p vs dell 2001fp??? i jsut want to know which one has better image quality or color
  6. I use a Dell 1901FP at work and it is nice. My question is, how does the 2001FP handle games? Is it amazing for games too, or does it ghost because it does have a higher response time.
  7. Dell 2001fp has 16ms response time, and I played CS, UT2k4 and I dont think I saw any ghosting. I know ghosting still there but when I play i didnt see any with my own eyes unless u pause the screen and check it carefully. What Im concern about is how's the color compare to samsung 193p, cause i know samsung one has very good color.
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