Hard drive password reset

i have new asus laptop and wish to SET a hard disk password HOW?
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  1. Go into the BIOS, should have that option.
  2. options for password protecting your new laptop.

    1. password protect the operating system.
    when you turn on the pc it requires a password to enter windows.
    click start > control panel > user accounts
    click on the user and select set password.

    2.enter an administrator password in the bios
    this is a good option to protect your laptop in the event of theft, and in conjunction with removing other boot options (ie cd, usb drive, network) it would make the laptop useless in the event of theft to the thief. although not being able to boot to cd/usb drives can make troubleshooting much harder. its a trade off

    restart pc follow on screen prompts it should say somthing like "hit f2 to enter setup"
    sometimes its del or enter also.
    look for a securtiy and hit enter on admin password.
    enter password twice and hit f10 to save settings and exit.
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