Can't connect to network - Tried everything I have read

For some reason, I cannot connect to my new build, yet everything else in the house connects. I thought maybe too many things were connected, so I unplugged everything and it is failing to work still. I am using the built in WiFi from my MOBO, and my antenna is detecting an excellent connection, but when I connect, it was giving me issues. Now, I am a noob to wireless connectivity, so any tips would help, especially if they can be told in layman's terms. lol
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  1. When your detecting the signal and then trying to connect to the router have you entered the wireless network password ? It should be asking you for the password , has it done that ? To find your network password ;

    If you go to a computer that is currently connected to your wireless network and open the control panel. Select Network and Internet and then select Homegroup , then select Print and View the Homegroup Password. The next page will have your wireless network password.

    Also if you go to the network and sharing page you can select to join a wireless network and then just follow the prompts and have the wireless password handy.
    You should write this password down so that you have it when needed.
  2. Yeah, so connecting to the network is fine. I have my wireless on WPA and enter the password fine. It is giving me the yellow triangle over it, though.
  3. If you go to the network and sharing center you can click on the red X that is between the little house and the globe. That will start the trouble shooter asnd you can see what it comes up with.
  4. Hi, I figured it out. The wireless device that is built into my MOBO would only allow for SSIDs that were 5 characters or longer. For the past 8+ years, I have used a 4 letter SSID.
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