Windows 8 drivers required for belkin g desktop wireless card


I recently updated to Windows 8, and before updating, Windows 8 setup recognized the drivers for my Belkin G Desktop wireless card. After installation, my system was able to connect to my wi-fi network without any problem. However, due to the power going off at my home, an automatic update on Windows 8 got interrupted.

Since then, it has caused a ton of problems, which caused me to finally re-install Windows 8. Now, however, it does not recognize the wireless card and its drivers, and does not let me install from the CD, or through any alternate sources ? Can you please suggest a plan of action on this issue ?
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  1. The wireless card is an addon card right ?
    You should shut down the computer and unplug it then remove the card and re-seat it, then power up and see if it is recognized.
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