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Hello, Ever since I'd installed Microsoft Live Security Platinum and run a scan--1. the safe mode is never removed. 2.when right clicking and clicking on my desktop icons,pulling up view, my icons are changed from small to medium and both auto arrangements and grid alignment are re-checked. How do I fix this where I do not have to do the icon re-sizing and and unchecking the auto arrange and and grid alignment boxes every do upon start up? Please advise. It's so frustrating to have to re-arrange my desktop icons each and every day!
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  1. Er, are you sure that program is made by Microsoft?

    My google search of "Microsoft Live Security Platinum" results in a list of how to remove malware...

    Sounds to me like you're infected. Messing with the desktop icons is one of the many ways new malware screws around with you.

    Install Malwarebytes Antimalware Free and run a safe mode scan... That is, boot into safemode and run the scan from there.

    Edit... Stupid advertising crap on this site.... go to to download the program, not amazon like the above link wants you to.
  2. Congratulations, you installed a virus.
  3. Try downloading and running this utility:
  4. The program you may have been looking for is Microsoft Security Essentials. no such thing as security platinum.
  5. LOL TGIF.
  6. willard said:
    Congratulations, you installed a virus.

    Thanks-The trojan virus has been removed and I am still having trouble with my desk top icons not working. Every time I reboot the computer ' align to grid' comes back checked and my icons returns as medium, where they had been set to small.

    I don't know what combo fix is--The site given below says it is for window XP-I have windows 7
  7. I think your best bet would be to do a complete format and re-install of the OS.

    It could be very time consuming trying to take out every last piece of virus/malware on your system, especially if we do not know exactly what you have (they could also be hiding in your registry as well).

    Is a complete format/rebuild out of the question (do you have the recovery DVD)?
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