Computer won't pull up website but my phone and other computers will?

hello all hoping I can find an answer to my problem here. I've been trying to access this website: however it just will not pull up not matter what browser I use. I have several friends on different networks that are able to access it just fine and when I use my smartphone it also pulls up just fine. I've tried flushing my dns but to no avail. When I try going to the website my browser just says:
Oops! Google Chrome could not find
Try reloading: www.­scufgaming.­com
Additional suggestions:
Access a cached copy of www.­scufgaming.­com
No idea how to fix this. it's so frustrating! If anyone could offer some help I'd greatly appreciate it. I'll be checking back here pretty regularly. thanks in advance
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  1. You might want to check if your antivirus software blocks certain sites/IP addresses.
  2. A couple of thoughts.

    #1. Firewall / proxy settings blocking this site.
    #2. Antivirus / Antimalware software blocking access to this site.
    #3. Bad DNS settings on your computer or router.
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