Hard drive not being recognized acer 6930

Hello, here recently my acer 7552-6061 laptops hard drive went bad, and i swapped the hard drive out of my 6930 to check and see if that was truely the problem with my 7552g. It was the problem, so i ordered a new hdd for the 7552g. When i went to install the hdd back in my 6930, it would not recognize it. Any suggestions?

I've tried:

Resetting cmos by jumping G1/G2
Switching from IDE/AHCI controllers
Removing and reinstalling ram/hdd
Downloading AHCI controller drivers from acer support ( which are not "compatible" with any hardware on the PC)

The HDD is not recognized in BIOS nor windows 7 setup. Also, BIOS takes a little longer to get passed now ( roughly 1-2mins compared to nearly instant before.)
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  1. What HDD did you get?
  2. Have you tried formatting the new HDD in your 6930?
    Just in case the new HDD might have arrived DOA.
  3. Do you hear the drive attempting to spin up or making any noise? Can you test the new drive on another computer to make sure its working correctly? Might be a bad drive.
  4. I haven't seen or heard of this for some time but there was a time wnen some OEMs would configure their BIOS to recognize only HDDs provided by them (the OEM). That way they get to overcharge you for more than just a computer.
  5. In Windows setup hit shift-f10. When the box pops up type:
    list disk
    select disk # (whatever # your HD is, dont leave the # in there)

    Then close the DOS box and see if it shows up.
  6. Click!
    Can't blame an energy shortage on having a dim bulb this morning either.

    -> A previously good drive in 6930 moved to 7552g where it worked OK, and moved BACK to the 6930 where it no longer worked.
  7. The hard drive in the 6930 is the problem, it was working before I took it out. The new hard drive i ordered from newegg works fine in my 7552g. The hard drive that will not work in 6930 will work in my 7552g.

    Vrumor, i tried that and when it shows the listed disks it shows:

    Disk 0 - no media - 0b - 0b.

    It will not allow me to clean it because it says the disk has no media..

    It confuses me because this exact disk will work in my other laptop.
  8. Yes, I can hear the HDD spinning in the PC aswell.
  9. Can you format new drive on the computer that recognizes it? If so go ahead and format it, then try and reinstall in other computer.
  10. I tried that skaz, nothing.

    I took the hdd out completely and it posts through bios much quicker with it out. Idk what's wrong here.
  11. Sorry brother =/.

    Wonder if what Ram said could be true.

    EDIT: After re-reading the post I have better understanding now. Have you checked for any BIOS updates? Might be worth a shot. Really odd that the issue seemed to be caused by only disconnecting the drive.
  12. This is the original HDD that came with this laptop :D
  13. I downloaded the bios updates, but I only have a USB flash drive atm. How would i update the bios with the flash drive?
  14. Nik_90 said:
    This is the original HDD that came with this laptop :D

    That's what makes it even weirder :D

    Nik_90 said:
    I downloaded the bios updates, but I only have a USB flash drive atm. How would i update the bios with the flash drive?

    Not sure on your specific motherboard how that would work. But for example I extract the BIOS file to the root of my USB drive. Then shortly after POST I have an option to update my BIOS (might even be option to update within the BIOS as well). It finds the drives attached and I can select the BIOS update.

    Not sure if that helps at all.

    Note: Wonder if some how the BIOS became corrupt? Or for some reason needed the Drive that was attached which in return is creating the short delay now that your noticing. Just some side thoughts.
  15. Trying to update it now using my flash drive. Will respond soon.
  16. Nothing.
  17. I'm drawing a blank ATM.
    The only thing I can think of is taking a flashlight and bright light and doing a close visual inspection of the connector pins to see if anything unusual is up there.
    Both on the HDD and inside the laptop HDD bay.
  18. It uses a connection adapter, maybe that's bad. I lost the original one, ordered a new one from ebay ( which is the one im using now ) .
  19. I thought only HP did that trick.
    It makes as much sense as anything else I can think of.
  20. Here's an idea. Call Acer.
  21. Have you tried the drive on a USB adapter to see if it works? It sounds like the HD connector adapter is the issue.
  22. i think, the problem is the hdd connector.
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