How do I install Windows 8 on a newly built PC?


How does one go about installing Windows 8 on a newly built PC with a new hard drive, etc.?

I have a product key for the Windows 8, but no discs of any sort, I have an existing laptop with Windows 7, can I create a boot disk for my laptop and then use it to boot the new computer?

As I see it, I'm going to need to access the Internet to download my copy of Windows 8, or is there a way that I can download it on my laptop to the DVD and then use that to boot the new computer?

I've only ever built one computer before this, but way back then when they sold you a copy of Windows. It came on discs.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you have legit access to a download of Win8 (say, as an MSDN subscriber or other Microsoft program), you can usually DL the latest .ISO directly from them.

    Save the ISO whever you want, burn it to a DVD and install to your new PC from that.

    Congrats on the new rig!
  2. You've pretty much have it. If you have a W8 key, you should be able to download W8 from Microsoft. You'll have to burn it to a dvd just as you thought. I suggest Imgburn. It's a very light weight ISO burning software. Once you do that, it's the same as it was years ago. Just pop the dvd into the drive and Windows will prompt you. Install the OS and then when asked for a key, enter the key you have.
  3. Thanks, JustLurking, barto

    It's supposed to be a valid key for Windows 8 Pro. But I did purchase it on eBay.

    I won't actually have the system built until the end of March but I just thought I'd get my ducks in a row and hopefully have fewer problems when I do the build.

    So, just to review, I can download the ISO file with my current laptop and burn it with its DVD player and this will be a bootable DVD and from there it will prompt me to reformat the SSD hard drive and then go through the install.

    One additional question I was thinking of installing Linux as well, and making this a dual-boot machine, would it be wise to install Linux first and then Win 8 Pro or the other way around?

    Thanks again guys or maybe gals.


    Hopefully end of March my main system will be:

    i7 3770S
    Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe
    16 GB ram
    240 GB SSD
    I'm not a gamer so I'll wait and see if a discrete graphic card is needed.
  4. It really won't matter. You can partition space for each OS during the installs.
  5. Yep, you got it. I'll defer to barto for the Linux question.
  6. not sure about 8

    but up until windows 7

    i always installed windows 1st then ubuntu
  7. BTW, did you purchase the Win8 System Builder (oem) version?
  8. Since you have Windows 8 Pro (make sure to install 64 bit) you can just install Linux in a Virtual Machine using Hyper-V.
  9. A key purchase from ebay with no type of media is counterfeit.
  10. With a legit purchase you would have received a download or some type of install media.
  11. Unless it was one of the keys MS acidentally gave away when they were offering free Media Center upgrades and everyone who applied accidentally got a full Windows 8 key instead of the media center only key. Probably people selling those, which may or may not work and may or may not be revoked my MS when they are attempted to be activated.
  12. If they do activate they will be blacklisted and the install will become non genuine.
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