Explorer exe takes 100% cpu usage ?

Whenever i am opening videos folder, my cpu usage goes to 100% and out of that 98% is for explorer.exe.........
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  1. Which CPU?
  2. Sounds like you've got a dog slow CPU that's thrashing when building thumbnails. Luckily, you can disable thumbnails. If you post which OS you're using, we can tell you how.
  3. I would expect it's because you have a single core cpu. If you update your computer with a dual core it should cap at 50% I would think.
  4. Ctrl+Alt+Delete --> Resource Manager --> Performance --> Resource Monitor

    Please take a screenshot of your resource monitor and post it.

    This will give us an idea of what service is causing the massive amount of cpu resource.
  5. i have the same problem.. please help...
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