USB wireless card doesnt work until i plug in an ethernet cable

I have a Belkin usb adapter to pick up my wireless internet. problem is when i choose my network to connect to it constantly says "acquring network address". But as soon as i plug in an ethernet cable from the router the wireless starts working and i just unplug the ethernet cble. So why does my wireelss card depend on my ethernet conenction?
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  1. Are you using a desktop or laptop ?
    The reason I ask is because if you have an ethernet connection you don't need a USB wireless adapter unless it's a laptop.
  2. its a laptop. Its almost like the wireless depends on the Ethernet connection, then once its connected i can unplug the Ethernet cable and all is good as far as wireless.
  3. That's a very odd situation and I haven't come across that so if it's not a setting in the wireless card someplace then it's a defective wireless card.
    It could be that you need to join the wireless network and in the process put in the wireless password.

    If you go to the network and sharing center and slect join network , follow the prompts to join and in the process you will need the wireless network password.
  4. its not defective, b/c it will work on any other pc/laptop just fine.
  5. start button -> type "cmd" in the search bar and enter cmd.exe -> ther type ipconfig /all and post the screen.
    Is next to DHCP a yes where the wireless adapter shows up?
  6. sorry for the delayed response, turned out to be a driver issue. It was missing some PCI drivers. Got them all updated.
  7. That fits. Anyway thanks for your feedback :)
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