Will linking 3 computers through switch on network be faster?

In one area, we have a server, and two computers that use that server extensively. Right now all the computers are on wi-fi.

I know if I ran the computers through a switch they could share data more quickly. The problem I have is there is no way to get a cat connection to this area.

If I got a range extender with switching ports built-in would it still speed this data up? Or would it be irrelevant because it still has to travel via wi-fi to the router and back?

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  1. The fastest speed will be at the lowest speed in the chain. If you want to speed things up on wireless, make sure you are using the latest N specs, get the wireless access point as close to the computers as you can, and use a program like inSSIDer to test the connections and tweak them. Changing channels is generally the easiest thing to do. http://www.metageek.net/products/inssider/
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