Belkin wireless router problem with Windows Vista

Hello, I can connect to my Belkin rounter wirelessly, but cannot get an internet connection. I have two other computers that will connect (one with Vista), but the other one with Vista says the connection is public and will not connect to the internet. I can change the connection type to private, but it automatically changes back to public. My other computers say it is a private network. How do I get this one to work correctly?
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  1. Have you tried going to the network and sharing center and selecting join network and follow the prompts for joining the network. You will need the password for the network.
  2. Yes and I can connect to the network but not to the internet
  3. I couldn't get my Vista Toshiba laptop to connect wirelessly to my Belkin router. The router kept asking for a pin which I entered then wanted logon infor which I couldn't figure out. Finally, I disabled WPS in the router and was able to connect my Vista laptop wirelessly. I then re-enabled the WPS and my laptop continued to connect without a problem.
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