How to connect via wire to transfer data??//total noob//

i am a total noob ....confessed....
I have a laptop and a pc...i want to transfer loads of data (about 100 gb) from the laptop to the desktop...
I have NO means to do it wirelessly.....sorry.....

So my question is...:-
how to accomplish this so seemingly cumbersome task via wires????
(i read in some other places about connecting it via lan wire and then changing the ip if a connection establishes that way...then what...???)

where on my desktop will i see the data of my laptop???
Pls....a detailed info....any help is largely appreciated...!!
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    I am assuming you have a router? And both machines are plugged into the router?

    First make sure both machines are in the same workgroup, and that file sharing is enabled.

    Then on the pc you want to copy *from* open a run box (Windows Key + R) and type in \\machinenameoftheothercomputer\C$\

    After authenticating you will have access to the C Drive, and will be able to navigate to where you want the files copied. Then just copy / paste.
  2. thnxx...
    u said that i'll have access to the C drive......
    what about other partitioned drives....????
    would i have access to the other drives??
  3. Yes, just replace C$ with whatever driver letter you want.
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  5. thnxxxx a lot....
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